Love a bike ride through the lush, green oasis called “The Lungs of Bangkok” on silky-smooth, one-of-a-kind bamboo bikes intended for relaxation. Cycle on little streets and meter-wide, elevated avenues that ribbon though a jungle-like atmosphere. Discover old temples, quaint villages, and calm parks, while studying about the culture and history of the region from the educated, English-speaking guide. Literally a stone’s throw from encompassing Bangkok, but apparently a world away.

Following arrival at our meeting point, which will be suitable to the Skytrain station, you will satisfy your tourguide that we shall escort you throughout the river from longtail boat to our foundation from the Lungs of Bangkok. You will be given a locally-made welcome beverage, listen to a brief briefing, and also meet your guide and become familiar with your bamboo bike. We’ll then start cycling on meter-wide, elevated concrete trails throughout the neighborhood community, passing quaint homes on stilts, temples, and other attractions because we cycle round the island. You will then arrive in a calm nature park, in which we will take a rest and have a refreshing drink and a bite. After a ride around the park, we will visit one of those least-developed areas of the island where you will feel as though you’re deep in a lush jungle, although Bangkok is literally only a couple of hundred meters off. We are going to come out at a different temple on the lake on the other side of the island from where we began. Looking across the river, you are going to realize the stark contrast between the cement jungle of Bangkok as well as the organic jungle of the Lungs. We then return inland and visit a few more temples as quiet streets and go into more lush regions with shaded elevated avenues before coming at still another temple in which there’s a weekend market and also a gorgeous illustration of a conventional Thai-style residence. Following that, we will cycle through a forest park, then along a scenic canal prior to coming back at our foundation. After being refreshed, we will escort you back through the river and will be able to help you arrange transport to your hotel or the neighboring Skytrain station.

What is contained

  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • Neighborhood guide
  • Utilization of bike
  • Small-group tour
  • Round-trip ferry