Among the most scenic festivals in Bangkok is that the day of Loy Krathong, when folks gather around lakes, canals and rivers to pay respects to the goddess of water by simply releasing exquisite lotus shaped rafts, decorated with candles, flowers and incense on the water. Each year, Loy Krathong falls at the night of the twelfth lunar month (usually in November), in the close of the rainy period once the full-moon lights up the skies. The sight of tens of thousands of Krathongs, their flickering candles sending a million tons of light far to the horizon is really a magical website, also there are loads of areas in Bangkok where you could get involved with all the festivities.

What’s Loy Krathong?

The foundation behind the festival is complicated, and Thais celebrate for a lot of reasons. The major rice crop season has finished and it is time to thank the Water Goddess to get a year’s worth of the abundant source, in addition to an apology to polluting the oceans. Some consider this is the opportunity to symbolically ‘float off’ all of the anger and grudges you really have been holding on, and such as a fingernail or even a lock of hair can be regarded as a means of letting go of this dark side of the, to begin anew free of unwanted emotions. If your candle remains alight before your Krathong disappears from sight, then this means that a year of good fortune. Traditionally, Thais discharge their krathongs into rivers and smaller canals known as ‘klongs’. These days, a lake or pond can also be excellent. Many areas host a series of cultural actions, including ‘Ram Wong’ dancing performances, krathong-making competitions and a beauty competition. Folks have begun releasing lanterns in Bangkok, but this is simply a little area of the holiday season. For the entire lantern adventure, head around Chiang Mai to get ‘Yee Peng’ festival, though individuals frequently fly lounges in Phuket and Samui, also.